Allerton Bywater Victoria AC Rules

As a club we have put together these rules to make the fishing enjoyable for you and the people around you. Follow these rules while you are fishing our waters, if you break the rules you will be held responsible for your actions and could be made to leave the club.

Club Rules

1 Name

The name of the club shall be Allerton Bywater Victoria Angling Club.

2 Objects

The object of the club shall be to promote the sport of angling and, to provide waters for the members to fish and to generally be sociable among the members of the club.

3 Membership

All members who have paid the annual subscription fee shall become members of the club. Membership shall extend from 1st January to 31st December.

4 Committee

i)The Committee shall consist of: A Chairman, Main Secretary, Treasurer and Secretary

ii)The members of the committee shall hold office for 3 years and 3 members shall be elected each year by a majority vote at the AGM, full members being entitled to vote. The retiring Members of the Committee shall be eligible for Re-Election.

iii)Any Committee member missing 3 consecutive meetings without good reason shall no longer be in office.

iv)The Committee can call emergency meetings.

v)The position of the treasurer, secretary and chairman shall be held by someone with 2 years Committee service.

vi)Any member who has served on the committee for 10 consecutive years or more will automatically become life members.

5 Management

i)The Club shall be managed by the Committee. All Club decisions will be made by the Committee by majority basis

ii)The committee shall meet on the 2nd Saturday on each month and there must be 3 Committee Members present to form a quorum. Members can attend monthly meetings, held in the Victoria Hotel.

iii)The Committee shall have the power to make bylaws and these shall be posted in a conspicuous place.

6 Alterations of the Rules

The Committee shall have the power to alter the rules.

7 Chairman’s Casting Vote

At Committee Meetings and General Meetings the chairman shall only vote in the case of an equality of votes.

8 Auditors

There shall be two Auditors. The financial year shall be held in October.

9 Cheques

The Secretary and Treasurer are appointed to sign cheques. Both signatures are required.

10 Expulsion

The Committee shall have the power to expel any member who shall offend against the rules of the club or whose conduct in the committees opinion shall make him unfit to belong to the club

11 General Meetings

The AGM shall be held on the second Saturday in October each year and at least 6 Members must be present. No members shall be entitled to vote at the AGM except to decide the election of the Committee but members shall be entitled to put forward their views to the Committee. "Hecklers" can be ordered to leave the meeting by the committee.

12 Fishing

Fishing shall only take place from dawn till dusk except on Lowther Lake by night fishing permit holders and paying guests.

13 Returning Fish to water

i)All fish are to be returned to the water.

ii)All Carp and large fish must be returned to the water and not kept in keep nets.

iii)Limited night permits are available for night fishing Lowther lake. No boats, No swimming, No liter, No Fires.

iv) Unhooking mats must be used at all times when specimen fishing.

15 Free Pensioners Tickets

At the Committee discretion only local people shall be issued with Free Pensioners Tickets on reaching retirement age. The boundary being Barnsdale Road and Brigshaw Lane. All free permits to be issued from permit secretary.


Anyone who leaves the peg and tackle must use common sense. No reserving of pegs


No match or any form of angling competition shall be held without consent of match secretary or committee.


No fish to be retained in keep nets for any period of time in excess of 6 hours except for completing the weigh in on a Bona-Fide Match After weighing, all fish must be returned to the water immediately.


Only two rods maximum can be used at any one time on club waters except Lowther night ticket holders can fish three rods. Anglers must fish from numbered pegs only. You must fish within confines of the peg and not encroach into any occupied adjacent pegs.

New 2020 rules


To be on the night permit waiting list you must have a valid book


Any member can ask to see your book.


Any member losing their year book can get a replacement at half the original cost.


Unhooking mats must be used when weighing or photographing fish.


No fishing on the far-side Oxbow lake.


Dead baiting is now banned between 1st March and 30th April.


Please park on the right hand side of the waste area in Ninevah Lane.


While fish are spawning common sense must be used.


No retention of fish when they are spawning while pleasure fishing except in a bonfide match.


Make sure your nets, slings, and mats are completely dry before you start fishing.


A maximum of 6 rods per platform is allowed

Club Match Rules


The signal to start and end the match shall be given by a committee member or appointed baliff to the match.


Each Competitor will be allowed one rod, line and hook at any one time. Double and treble hooks are not allowed. other tackle may be assembled ready for use.


The use of plugs and spinners is prohibited.


A competitor on drawing his peg may proceed to his peg and plumb the depth with a float, tackle or ledger bomb/ empty swim feeder.


Keep nets may be positioned and ground bait mixed prior to the start signal being given.


When both sides of the river are pegged, competitors must not cast beyond halfway.


Each competitor must fish within two yards of his peg.


Wading is allowed to the thigh.


When trotting, the float must not travel beyond one yard above the next competitor.


Any fish landed after time has been called, will be eligible for weighing if it was hooked before the finish signal was given, but must be landed within fifteen minutes of that signal.


Any competitor who leaves his peg must withdraw his tackle from the water.


All fish caught may be weighed.


Any competitor with litter at or near his peg will not be weighed.


In the event of a dispute, the committee decision will be final.


Live baiting is not allowed.


Bloodworm and joker 1 Match pack allowed on matches October 1st to 28th Febuary. Banned rest of the year.